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Burkinabes salute neo-cardinal Philipe Ouédraoga, archibishop of ouagadougou

Political and religious leaders in Burkin Faso have congratulated the archbishop of Ouagadougu, Philipe Ouédraogo for his elevation as Cardinal. The bishop’s residence was a hive of activities between 08 and 14th March when he received in private audiences, leaders in his country from all walks of life, who went to express their solidarity and congratulatory messages for his creation as Cardinal. Burkina Faso’s president, Blaise Compaoré, was the first pay a courtesy call on the new cardinal, on March 8th.
This visit was followed by that of the leader of the Moslem local community, the Sheik Doukouré, together with that of the representative of the protestant community, Pastor Mamadou Philipe Karambiri. Their meeting lasted almost 40 minutes and during that time the sheik congratulated Cardinal Ouédraoga, who actually comes from a largely Muslim area, and described his nomination as an honour to the entire nation. And in his turn Pastor Karambiri minced no words affirming the fact that the entire Christian community are Giving thanks to the Lord for elevating one of their sons to the glory of Burkina Faso.
Talking alone as Christians, Cardinal Ouédraoga and Pastor Karambiri undercored the importance of religious dialogue for the promotion of peace and building of their country. There should be a way of making peace without wars among different religious beliefs, Pastor Karambiri said, while Cardinal Ouédraoga mentined the fact that beyond our difference, we all have the inherent interest to work together in order to build a strong, prosperous and peaceful country


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