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Catholic foundation opens public libraries for poor in Philippines

March,12,2014: In the Philippines, the Education Foundation (EFI), a Filipino Catholic group that campaigns for better education, has opened a series of public libraries called Bahay Karunungan – or "Houses of Knowledge" in the poorest areas of Manila and throughout the country. EFI President Naomi A. David said the goal of the initiative is to support and motivate learning, especially among the most disadvantaged people. Like the more traditional libraries, the “Houses of Knowledge” also have popular books and bestsellers, as well as books about religion, magazines, newspapers and various other manuscripts. There are also computers available to the public, so readers can consult digital material and use the internet.
"Setting up public libraries in poor communities - said the Catholic leader - is part of our commitment to literacy, by providing the urban poor groups and communities across the country with books, while encouraging them to read".
EFI promotes the project with the support of partners who share their ideals and commitment. Funds and materials are also supplied by individual benefactors or small groups. The place is also available to poor students to do their homework in peace and take advantage of the equipment and materials available.
Other activities offered by the EFI libraries are movies and TV series that promote Christian values ​​and virtues, as well as debates and discussions on key issues that affect people's lives. EFI president said the response has been very positive.
Source: AsiaNews


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