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The Roman Curia's Spiritual Exercises – Day 4

Rome, 13 March 2014: The language of the world is a trap that we cannot fall into if we wish to testify to the love of God, the kind of love on which a community actually can be build, communion can be lived and God can be glorified through charity. This was the theme of Fr Angelo De Donatis' reflection on Wednesday morning, 12 March, in Ariccia, the fourth day of the spiritual exercises with Pope Francis and the Roman Curia.

Man today, unfortunately, is still looking for the correct language to approach this, that is, the language of Christ. His was not the language of force or power, but the language of frailty, easily understood by all, above all by those who experience suffering, explained Fr Donatis.

“Jesus,” he noted, “was the best communicator”, though he never made rhetorical speeches aiming to “convince at any cost”; and he managed to make himself understood and to communicate God's profound love for man, for his words were not based on the “wisdom of the world” but on the wisdom of God. The only wisdom, he said, thanks to which we can come to know the greatness of these gifts that God has given us and, in turn, offer them to others, and, thus witnessing, with charity, the true glory of Jesus.
Source: Osservatore Romano

Joseph Paimpallikunnal


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