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Cardinal Tauran named special envoy at the consecration of the Basilica of St. Augustine in Algeria

Pope Francis has named the President of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue, Cardinal Jean-Luis Tauran as his special envoy at the consecration on 2nd May of the recently restored Sanctuary of St. Augustine of Hippo in the Algerian city of Annaba. The sanctuary under the Diocese of Constantine is making 100 years since its elevation to the status of a basilica. Construction of the basilica began in 1881 and finished on 29 March, 1900, though the church was not dedicated until 24 April, 1914.
Pope emeritus Benedict XVI made a personal contribution towards the restoration of the Basilica. And because authorities in both Algeria and France, as well as a number of institutions, religious orders, and benefactors, provided the funds, the renovation has been described as a symbol of coexistence and fraternity between Christians and Muslims and between people who seek the truth. The church, located in modern Annaba, overlooks the site of ancient Hippo, where Saint Augustine was bishop.


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