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Hundreds of Boko Haram Islamic militants attempt to free their detained colleagues in a Nigerian military Barracks in the city of Maiduguri

On Friday March 14th, 2014, hundreds of fighters belonging to the Islamic militant group known as Boko Haram attacked the city of Maiduguri in northern Nigeria in an attempt to release their colleagues who were in detention in a military barracks. They also attacked the university located in the city and a residential area for civil servants. The fighting took several hours and only came to an end when the Nigerian air force intervened with fighter jets. The militants managed to free several of their comrades, but most of those released were shot as they attempted to escape. Many of the attacking militants, the civilians and government soldiers were also killed. Fr. John Bakeni is a priest of the Catholic diocese of Maiduguri in charge of the Diocesan Department of Interreligious Dialogue. He witnessed the attack. He was interviewed by John Baptist Tumusiime. RealAudioMP3


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