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Bishops of Bangladesh: Living Lent through loving service

March 19,2014: The Bishops of Bangladesh are living Lent through loving service.
The National Bishops' Conference (CBCB) issued a pastoral letter for Lent, titled "Fruit of Faith is Loving Service." The letter was published in the “Pratibeshi”, the local Catholic Churches' weekly magazine. It says that through sacrifice, prayer and mercy during Lent, we can purify ourselves to become saints. Sacrifice - the bishops explain, helps us to become frugal and kind. They say Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as a sign of his great kindness, and all of us must try to be kind in our path. Prayer, say the bishops should help us to avoid all bad thinking, envy and pride. The prelates conclude their pastoral letter saying "During Lent we must pray personally and as a community and carry out acts of mercy. We must also encourage children and youth to do same through special programs geared towards the poor. We can make a peaceful society by removing conflict and resentments , say the bishops and urge the faithful to strengthen their lives, through faith, hope and love".
Source: AsiaNews


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