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Pope exhorts ‘Coralo’ members to be ‘fishers of men’

Vatican City, 22 March 2014: You are a "network". And it reminds us of the first disciples of Jesus who were fishermen, working with their nets. And Jesus called them to follow him and made them "fishers of men". You too can be "fishers of men" with this network of your local radio and television, which embraces the whole of Italy. Pope made these remarks while meeting the members of the association called ‘Coral’. It represents local radio and television companies, analog and digital, satellite, internet, as well as news agencies and television broadcasting and advertising agencies in Italy.

The Coral associates with 212 radio and 69 television stations in all the Italian regions, 1 satellite and 1 Intelligence Agency with a national circulation and is in close contact with the National Office for Social Communications of the CEI.

Founded in 1981, Coral aims to "be the reference point of private broadcasting declaring adherence to the principles of Christian society." The coral provides its members with technical, commercial and trade union representing them and holding the protection in all relevant forums.

Recalling the story of prophet Elijah on Mount Horeb, where he encountered the Lord not in the mighty wind, nor in the earthquake or in the fire, but in "the whisper of a gentle breeze", Pope Francis said that ‘your radio and television stations can broadcast something of that voice, giving hope and confidence to the men and women of today.

Can you help Jesus Christ in his mission, today in announcing the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, asked Pope Francis to the broadcasters. And he told them to give attention to issues important to the lives of individuals, families, society, and dealing these issues with a non- sensationalist, but responsible manner.

Pope also asked them to contribute towards human quality of work and ethics. Citing Pope Benedict who called an 'ecosystem' media, that is, an environment that knows how to balance between silence, words, images and sounds, Pope reminded them of today’s ‘pollution’, asking them to give ‘oxygen to the mind and soul’ of individuals.

Pope also asked them to be professionals but also good Samaritans via radio and television. Source: VR Sedoc


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