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Pope Francis institutes commission for the Protection of Children

Pope Francis has instituted the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, and named eight members who are tasked with structuring its future. A statement released by the Holy See Press office at the weekend said the principal role of the members will be to prepare the Statutes of the Commission, which will define its tasks and competencies. Other members will be added to the Commission in the future, and will be chosen from various geographical areas of the world. The eight initial members are four women and four men. Some are university professors and experts in psychology and law, and others are from organisations that help the victims of sexual abused. They are Dr. Catherine Bonnet from France; Mrs. Marie Collins from Ireland; Professor Sheila Hollins from Britain, Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley of Boston in the United States, Professor Claudio Papale from Italy; Professor and former Prime Minister Hanna Suchocak of Poland; Fr. Humberto Miguel Yanez, a Jesuit priest from Argentina; and Fr. Hans Zollner, a Jesuit priest from Germany. Pope Francis has expressed his intention to fight child abuse in the Catholic Church. The formation of the commission is the result of advice from a number of Cardinals, Bishops, and experts in the field. In the past few years the Catholic Church has lived moments of tension when revelations came to light that some members of the clergy had sexually abused children and that some bishops had tried to protect the culprits.


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