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Pope Francis not visiting Uganda this Year

The Uganda Catholic Bishops Conference has postponed the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the canonization of the Uganda martyrs. The event was scheduled for October 18th this year and the Bishops had invited Pope Francis to Uganda to preside over the celebration. The Uganda martyrs were killed by King Mwanga between 1885 and 1886 for refusing to renounce the catholic faith. They were beatified On 6th June 1920 by Pope Benedict XV. They were canonized by Pope Paul VI on 18th October, 1964 in Saint Peter's Basilica, here in the Vatican. The catholic Church in Uganda has built a shrine in their memory at Namugongo where majority of them were burnt to death. Monsignor John Baptist Kauta is the Secretary General of the Uganda Catholic Bishops Conference. He told Vatican Radio that the Pope has officially informed the Bishops that he will not be able to come to Uganda due to indispensable commitments. He was interviewed by John Baptist Tumusiime. RealAudioMP3


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