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The Leader of the former Youth wing, the Young Patriots, in Ivory Coast handed over to the International Criminal Court for trial

The government of Ivory Coast has transferred to the International Criminal Court, Charles Ble Goude, the head of a former youth wing accused of perpetrating atrocities after the 2010 second round of the presidential election. After the fall of President Laurent Gbagbo, who had refused to hand-over power after losing the election, Goude fled to Ghana from where he was arrested and extradited to Ivory Coast. He was a staunch supporter of Laurent Gbagbo. More than 3,000 people were killed in the post-election violence blamed on several groups including Goude and the youth wing, the Young Patriots, which he led. The youth manned roadblocks in the commercial capital, Abidjan, targeting people believed to be opposed to Gbagbo. Gbagbo is already in detention at the International Criminal Court Headquarters at the Hague, where he is awaiting trial. Goude faces charges related to violent crimes in Ivory Coast.


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