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Christians continue to go to Church in northern Nigeria despite the threat of being attacked by Boko Haram Islamic Militants

The Director of the department of Inter-religious Dialogue in the catholic diocese of Maiduguri in northern Nigeria, Fr. John Bakeni, has said Christians risk their lives every day to come to church for mass because places of worship have become targets of Boko Haram Islamic militants. Speaking to reporters a few days ago he thanked the Catholic faithful for their courage to come to church despite the danger of being killed. He explained that Boko Haram is a threat not only to Christians but also to other religions in northern Nigeria. RealAudioMP3
Boko Haram started its war against the government of Nigeria in 2009. It began by attacking mainly state security agencies but with time it widened its targets to include the ordinary people whom it attacked in their places of worship, in markets and in schools. Its main objective is to establish an Islamic state in Nigeria governed using the principles of the Islamic Sharia law.


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