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Change of Frequencies - English Africa programme

We wish to inform listeners of the English Africa Service that from this Sunday the 30 March, there will be slight changes in the Short Wave Broadcast frequencies of this programme and the times of our FM broadcasts. At 3:00 Hours GMT, the programme can be heard on 7360 Kilohertz (41 metre band), and 9660 Kilohertz (31 metre band). At 5:00 hours GMT, it can be heard on 11625 kilohertz (25 metre band) and 13765 kilohertz (21 metre band). An hour later at 6:30 GMT, it can be heard on 13765 khz (21 metre band) and 15570 khz (19 metre band).
In the evening, it can be heard at 20:00 GMT on the 13765 kilohertz (21 metre band) and 15570 kilohertz (19 metre band).
Listeners in Rome can hear the programme in the evening on FM 103.8 frequency at 19:30 and 22:00 hours local time. A repeat broadcast can be heard in the morning at 8:30 local time on the same FM frequency.


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