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Nunzio: Syria close to Pope's heart

March 31, 2014 - The Pope regularly follows and takes to heart the suffering of the Syrian people, said the Apostolic Nuncio to Syria, Archbishop Mario Zenari, after a private meeting with Pope Francis on Monday. “I came to him because I realized that unfortunately, at the international level the conflict in Syria, like similar other cases, is being forgotten and this is painful,” Archbishop Zenari told Vatican Radio. The Vatican diplomat insisted that this drama cannot be forgotten, as the suffering concerns not just a few but an entire nation. “Seeing the Pope bearing the suffering of this people in his heart has given me courage, Archbishop Zenari admitted and said, “he has asked me to convey his closeness to all Syrians without distinction – Christians as well as the entire population.” The Nunzio said that everyone in Syria – Christians, Muslims, ordinary citizens to officials – all have great admiration for Pope Francis. He said he was returning to Syria carrying with him the Pope’s sympathy and solidarity for the people going through the terrible drama.


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