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Pope urges Christians to be open to the light of Christ

March 31, 2014 - Pope Francis urged Christians on the 4th Sunday of Lent not to remain ‘blind in soul’, but rather to open themselves to the light, to God and His grace. The Pope was addressing some 50 thousand people who had gathered in Rome’s St. Peter’s Square to pray the midday ‘Angelus’ with him and receive his blessing. Speaking to them from the window of the papal apartment overlooking the square, the Pope shared his thoughts on the day’s Gospel episode of the man born blind whom Jesus healed, an act denounced by the Pharisees and teachers of the law. “Locked in their presumption,” the Pharisees believe “they already have the light, and for this reason are not open to the truth of Jesus. They do everything they can to deny the obvious,” the Pope explained. In contrast to the blind man who “gradually approaches the light,” the scholars of the law are completely closed to “the light” and “aggressive”. On the contrary, the healed man first regards Jesus as a prophet, then as a “man close to God,” and after his expulsion from the temple he recognize him as the Messiah. Pope Francis said, this is “the drama of interior blindness of many people, and ours also, because we have many moments of interior blindness.” The Holy Father thus urged all to open “ourselves to the Lord. He always waits for us, to make us better, to give us light, to forgive us.”


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