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Create Pakistan child marriage-free zones

April 01, 2014 - Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced on Saturday that "child marriage-free zones" are to be set up in Pakistan. Brown, the UN's special envoy on global education, said the practice of forcing girls into marriage is "not acceptable in the modern world". "It deprives a girl of her education and her childhood," he told the BBC. "What we want to do is to encourage girls themselves to be aware of their rights, to encourage teachers and girls to work together to say that when people try to force them into early marriage, it's not acceptable," he said. "There are seven million children who are not going to school," he said. "This is completely unacceptable in the modern world
"And so in Pakistan, we are going to do a pilot project where we declare an area to a marriage-free zone, a child marriage-free zone."

Source: BBC


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