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Masih’s death sentence, the "death of justice":

April 01, 2014 - "We deplore Sawan Masih’s death sentence which has created further fear and insecurity among Christians in Pakistan. This verdict marks the death of justice in Pakistan". This is what was reported to Fides Agency by lawyer Sardar Mushtaq Gill, head of the NGO LEAD ("Legal Evangelical Association Development"), engaged in the defense of human rights and social advancement of Christians in Pakistan. On March 27, a court of first instance sentenced the Christian Sawan Masih to death. According to lawyer Gill, who has personally followed the case, there is no substantial evidence but only a testimony presented, inter alia, as "additional documentation" several days after the complaint. In April 2013 LEAD had filed a bail application for Sawan Masih, which was rejected by the Court. After Masih’s death sentence, LEAD launches an appeal through Fides : "We need all the organizations that protect human rights, in Pakistan and abroad to raise their voices and demand the repeal of the blasphemy law in Pakistan".

(Source: Agenzia Fides)


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