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Egyptian Prime minister praises Catholic education

Meantime, Egypts prime minister has expressed his gratitude for the role played by the Catholic church in education. Ibrahim Mahlab is himself a former student of the Christian Brothers run La Salle di Daher college in Egypt from where he graduated in 1967.
Prime minister Mahlab said this at a gathering of the student community from the La Salle di Daher college recently. He spoke of the quality education provided by catholic schools, singling out the schools of the Christian brothers.
He said he was very thankful to the brothers because its thanks to the education and culture he received from them that he ended up being the person he is today, with a political career that has roots in the formation the brothers gave him.
For this reason Prime minister Mahlab said he wanted to express his sense of gratitutude for the presence of Catholic education institutions in the Egypt and for Catholic commitment to the edudaction of the Egyptian young people.


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