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Catholic Bishops of South Africa criticise President Jacob Zuma for not respecting the Country's Ethical Code

The Bishops of South Africa have issued a statement criticizing the country’s president, Jacob Zuma, for not respecting the rules of the nation when he decided not to respond promptly and comprehensively to Public Protector’s report on the expenditure incurred from public money to renovate his private residence in Nkandla. The statement notes that according to the provisions of the Executive Members’ Ethics Act , the President must report to the National Assembly on what action he plans to take within 14 days of receiving the report. Instead, Mr. Zuma chose to ignore his legal and ethical responsibility to Parliament and to the nation. According to the findings of the Public Protector’s enquiry, there was excessive expenditure on the security upgrades, and millions of rands of taxpayers’ money was spent on private items that should have been paid for by the President himself, the statement concludes.


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