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Muslims in Syria will feel loss of murdered Jesuit

April 09,2014: The murder of Jesuit priest Fr. Frans van der Lugt is a great loss for Muslims in Syria said an Indian Jesuit who runs a School in Minya, Egypt. Jesuit Fr. Bimal Kerketta spoke to AsiaNews about his friendship with the slain Dutch Jesuit priest, who lived in Syria for 50 years. He described Fr. Frans as a brave priest who tried to hold together the local community, which included both Christians and Muslims. Fr. Kerketta said before the war broke out in Syria, he visited Fr.Frans twice in Homs and saw his work and daily activities. He said Fr. Frans always tried to do his best to bring Muslims and Christians of various denominations together, in every sphere of life. He spoke Arabic very well and had a good knowledge of the Qur'an. He said Fr. Frans was fully integrated into the life and culture of the Syrian people and many Muslims had come to live in the monastery under his care. Fr Frans also ran special programmes for disabled Muslims and Christians, for the needy, the disadvantaged and the marginalised of society. He also had special programmes for women, who came to see him every day for job training and home economics and some even worked in the vineyard of the Jesuit community. The Indian Jesuit said he was sure that Syrian Muslims would feel his loss the most.


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