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Blessed John XXIII and his social revolution

(Vatican Radio ) Half a century ago on April 11, 1963 Blessed John XXIII published an encyclical focusing on peace on earth, known by its Latin title 'Pacem in Terris'. This document which was to be the last before his death called for a social revolution.

In fact he addressed it is not as tradition dictated to the hierarchy, clergy and Catholic faithful but to all men of good will.

It was not John XXIII's first document focusing on social justice, he had written an earlier social encyclical by the title of 'Mater et Magistra', meaning mother and teacher.

Professor of Catholic Social Teaching at the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas here in Rome, Dominican Alejandro Crosthwaite, puts the revolutionary encyclical focusing on 'Pacem in Terris' into context.

Listen to Veronica Scarisbrick's interview with Professor of Catholic Social Teaching Alejandro Crosthwaite : RealAudioMP3

This programme presented and produced by Veronica Scarisbrick is part of a series focusing on the figure of Blessed John XXIII, soon to be canonised by Pope Francis.


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