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India is multi-religious because it is an authentic and healthy democracy says Pune bishop

April 16, 2014:"India belongs to people of all religions", and "minorities in the country should be protected and promoted. That is the test of an authentic and healthy democracy, so please look for candidates and parties who will take care of all the citizens especially religious minorities. Let us pray that secularism wins in the elections", wrote Bishop Thomas Dabre, of the Archdiocese of Pune ,Maharashtra, on Facebook, ahead of next Thursday's vote, the 5th round in India's 2014 general elections.
Maharashtra is one the country's largest Indian states. For this reason, its residents can vote in three different rounds: 10 April (10 constituencies), 17 April (19) and April 18 (19). This year, 17 April is Holy Thursday for Christians. Polling stations have been set up in a number of Church-run schools, raising concerns in the local clergy that Easter celebrations scheduled in their chapels might be perturbed. For this reason, Bishop Dabre recently called on VS Sampath, chairman of the Election Commission of India, to change the date. However, this proved impossible.
In view of the situation, the bishop urged the faithful not to boycott the polls because "every vote counts." The prelate prayed that God would guide them to choose a candidate and a party who will take care of all its citizens, especially the poor and the marginalised."
Source: AsiaNews


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