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Archbishop Cyprian Lwanga: Domestic Violence on the increase in Uganda

The Catholic Archbishop of Kampala in Uganda, His Grace Cyprian Lwanga, has expressed concern over increased cases of domestic violence in the country. He raised the concern a few days ago while delivering his Easter message at Rubaga cathedral in Kampala. He said the violence is fueled by lack of faithfulness and lies among couples. He explained that some couples are not open to each other, and they don’t speak the truth about their lives, businesses and other activities. He warned that dishonesty between some couples was affecting the future of their children who learn the same vices from their parents. He pointed out that the family is the basis of society and that the catholic church can keep quite when it is being threatened. Archbishop Lwanga addressed also the issue regarding the invitation of Pope Francis to visit Uganda on the occasion of celebration of the 50th anniversary of the canonization of the Uganda Martyrs which had been scheduled for October this year. He said the Pope would not be coming because he would be chairing the Synod Bishops on the family in the same month of October. For that reason the celebration has been postponed, awaiting a response from the pope.


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