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Ex-Vigilantes join police in fight against west Mexican drug cartels

(Vatican Radio) Ex vigilantes have been disarming and applying to join a rural Police Force in the ongoing campaign against the drug cartels in the troubled Western Mexican State of Michoacan.

With the start of the official demobilization campaign, members of the Self Defense Forces, which have evolved from vigilantes combatting marauding drug cartels, have handed over more than 500 guns. They were finger printed and the weapons were fired to establish forensic identification. The Special Commissioner for Michoacan, Aldredo Castillo was there to oversee the process. He was sent to the region, following the resignation of the State Police Chief and the State's Attorney General.

The final deadline for handing in weapons is May 10th. Anyone carrying a gun after that will be arrested.
More than 600 people have already applied to join a rural Police Force, which will patrol under the direct supervison of the Mexican Army. Its aim is to continuing to curb the illicit activities of the Knights Templar and the rival New Generation drug cartels.

Listen to James Blears’ report: RealAudioMP3


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