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Christian community diminishing in Iraq says Patriarch

April 30, 2014: The Christian community in Iraq had more than a million followers, 600 thousand in Baghdad alone, now they have less than 400 thousand in the whole country, said Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako I. Expressing deep concern over the continuing decline of Christian presence in the country, he added that "If measures are not taken soon, in 10 years' time there will only be a few thousand Christians left in Iraq". Patriarch Sako said the main causes of this massive migration are poor security, increased death threats against Christians from Islamists, and the seizure of their property by armed groups. After visiting communities throughout the country, Patriarch Sako said: "Christians are those who suffer most from the upsurge in violence across Iraq. This is due to the fact that Christians do not maintain tribal affiliations, as do Arab Muslims. The only way they have to resolve disputes is through the Iraqi legal system, which is often criticized for its corruption, and which is subject to political manipulation", he added
Source: Ucan


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