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Catholic Church in Rwanda releases Report to explain its Contribution to the building of Reconciliation since the 1994 Genocide

The Justice and Peace Commission of the Rwanda Catholic Bishops Conference released recently a report outlining the contribution of the church to the process of reconciliation in country in the past 20 years. Rwanda was a scene of an organized genocide in 1994 in which over 800,000 people were killed by interahamwe militias in collaboration with state security agencies. The report shows that the Church has led efforts aimed such at encouraging perpetrators of the Genocide to approach survivors and to confess to them of their role in killing their loved ones, and seeking forgiveness. It also says that the church played a role in ensuring that the judges of the local Gacaca courts live in harmony with citizens in their respective communities, including those they sent to prison and have since served their sentences. The Church has also supported government in managing psycho-socio cases left by the Genocide, among many other activities. The Church in Rwanda is struggling to rebuild its image which was damaged by the direct participation of some priests and nuns in the killing of people during the genocide. Some of the priests and nuns are now serving long jail sentences having been found guilty either by the Special tribunal for Rwanda or by court in the countries where they were hiding after the genocide.


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